Join Victoria Price and Peter Fuller on an immersive, interactive and fun adventure exploring Spain, savoring the country's artistic, cultural, culinary, cinematic, historic, religious, and political history, as well as celebrating its extraordinary people, places and lifestyle.

Immersive experiences plus educational and inspirational workshops will be interwoven into our itinerary as we Explore, Savor and Celebrate some of Spain’s most historic centers. This will provide an authentic perspective on the transformation that can happen through immersive travel in different cultures. These sessions will also provide give you with valuable tools to take home and apply to your own life and local community. 

Our tours focus on culture -- from art and architecture to film and food -- as well as social, political, religious, and cultural history. But they also create unique opportunities to interact with people in their everyday environments. This unique approach is far removed from the usual ‘tick box’ or ‘bucket list’ approach to travel. You will learn how to really see the world that surrounds you in all its curious vibrancy.

While visiting these historic cities, you will be able to participate in our Explore Savor Celebrate workshops and electives, enjoy group experiences, and have plenty of free time -- all of which will allow you to really imbibe the spirit of exploring, savoring, and celebrating life. There will be many opportunities to learn how to take the time to taste each experience more deeply. By the end of your journey, you will have acquire valuable ideas for you to use in sharing what you have seen and how you now view the world with others.

It is our aspiration that you will take this new spirit of travel and life home with you. 


For the past two years Victoria and Peter have invited Vincent Price fans to follow in the iconic actor’s globetrotting footsteps by revisiting film locations, holding tribute screenings and presentations, visiting museums and Native American pueblos, re-launching his iconic cookbooks and taking a pilgrimage to East Los Angeles art gallery that he founded. These trips were inspired by Price's Explore Savor Celebrate philosophy to life. Drawing on these sell out Camp Vincent tours, Victoria and Peter are now bringing Vincent’s philosophy and enduring curiosity for life to ESC Tours, which embodies the philosophy of Explore Savor Celebrate. 

To learn more about this philosophy and about Victoria and Peter, please visit the ABOUT section of this website.


Our first trip takes place in Spain from September 30 - October 10, 2017.

Explore Savor Celebrate Spain: We will explore, savor and celebrate Madrid, Toledo, Avila, Figueres and Barcelona. An eleven-day culturally rich experience including art, food, film, exploration, history, and so much more!

We are currently booking our five-day Madrid/Toledo/Avila Tour, our three-day Barcelona/Figueres Tour, and our day trips. For information and to reserve your spot, click on the drop down menu under Spain.

We have a few spots left for our eleven-night/ten-day tour. If you are interested, please click here on ESC TOURS to email us for more information.